Lulu's Story

October 20th 2016 -- Adopted January 15th 2017

Lulu came to us as an owner relinquish who could not take care of Lulu any longer. She appeared to have lived outside her entire life and had never experienced walking on grass before. She had never worn a collar or had been on a leash. She was very dirty and greasy when we picked her up. She was so nervous and scared to have left the backyard that she hugged the ground and her owner literally dragged her across the street with a rope.

She is between 8 months and 2 years old. She is gorgeously freckled and a little on the skinny side so we will get some weight on her in the next few weeks. She does have cherry eye on her left eye currently. We are scheduling a surgery in the near future as well as a spay. If you want to help in our efforts to make Lulu adoption ready, please chip in a small donation of $5? We would greatly appreciate any help we can get these days!

Lulu in her snood for dinner!

Lulu in her snood for dinner!

If you are interested in adopting a young female with HIGH ENERGY who literally BOUNCES OFF THE WALLS she has so much ENERGY!

She has a LOT of ENERGY -- did we mention this already?


Update-- January 10th PHOTOS!

Thank you to Rita Earl Photography for these amazing photos!

Thank you in advance and stay tuned for more information!

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Update-- ADOPTED!

Lulu has found her forever home! Yay!!

-Camp Cocker Rescue Team

Update -- November 28th 2016

Lulu had her cherry- eye surgery and is recovering well.