Sally Mae's Story

September 26th 2017 -- February 2017

We first met Sally Mae on the day we rescued Mr. Wilson. A kind volunteer for the East Valley Animal Shelter brought her out once he knew we're Cocker Spaniel experts and a rescue. He set her on his lap while we took pictures of her and she started trembling. She broke our hearts when we realized then that we couldn't save her that day. Mr. Wilson had an astonishing amount of issues going on but we reassured Sally Mae that we would come back for her! On Monday we kept our promise as she was still available and brought her in the loving arms of Camp Cocker.

She is about 9 years and partially deaf with calcified ear cartilage-- no where near the condition of Teddy's ears-- but still something we want to check out especially if it causes her pain. She is currently receiving top-notch vet care and we will have more updates for you as soon as they come in. 

Update ---October 2016

Here are some new and fresh pictures of this silly girl!

Please consider donating a small amount to help cover the costs of her boarding? We really need the help as we picked up many dogs in need this month! We just could not turn them away.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. We could not continue to do this without your help!

Update -- October 20th

As many of you know, wigglebutt Sally Mae went to the vet on Tuesday and we were told she would need a double ear ablation surgery, the same surgery Teddy had.

We were not sure if she was going to need the surgery because you could see down her ear canal, but our board certified surgeon that has had a lot of experience with this, said that because her ears were already calcifying and the top half of her ear canal had turned solid like bone, if we did not have the surgery they would only get worse as time went on.

Sally Mae is already deaf and she has struggled with getting cleared of her ear infections since we rescued her last month.

We wanted to save Sally Mae the future pain of letting it get as bad as Teddy's ears one day, so we decided to have her first ear surgery done Wednesday and she is recovering well!!

Sally Mae will recover for 30 days, and then have the other ear done.

These surgeries are COSTLY, and Sally Mae could use all the donations she can get right now!

Update -- November 28th 2016

Sally Mae is recovering from her 2nd ear-ablation surgery at her new foster home! She is doing fantastic so far and is really enjoying her foster home environment and her new doggie roommate!

If you are interested in adopting an easy, quiet, friendly female cocker spaniel, please read our adoption application and process!

Update -- December 25th-- HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Sally Mae!

Sally Mae is doing excellent in her foster home! She is so easy going (her foster family might be a little too active for her as she prefers to chill at home after a nice stroll around the neighborhood). Here are some photos in her foster home:

Bath time with Tater Tot her Foster Sister (and Camp Cocker Alumni!)

Bath time with Tater Tot her Foster Sister (and Camp Cocker Alumni!)

update -- Sally Mae is going to canada!

Previous CCR adopters wanted to find an older friend who could match the speed of their other cocker spaniel Goldie. They came across Sally Mae and said There She Is!

She will be driving up to British Columbia and settle into her new home and new family. We are super excited for her to end her journey with us, and begin a new one in beautiful Canada!

Sally Mae will fit right in!

Thank you for everyone who donated to her ear ablation surgery a couple months back and helped us fund raise to get her out of the shelter. Special thank you to her foster parents who worked with her and made her feel safe in a home environment!

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