January 29th 2018

Vehicular Accident --  Carson Shelter, Carson, CA

Adopted February 24th 2018


WIley was involved in some type of accident when Animal Control found him in the road, south of Los Angeles. He suffered a laceration from his armpit to his wrist/paw.

Because he had just entered the shelter, he was not available for adoption for another 4 days but clearly, he needed medical attention ASAP!

Carson Shelter granted us temporary guardianship of Wiley called a "Good Samaritan Agreement" so we could rush him to the hospital for emergency surgery. His possible owners could still show up to claim him during this time, and if they did-- we would be out of luck and would have to return him to the shelter.

Please consider donating towards Wiley's surgery costs and medical boarding bill as they are overwhelming at this point - and Wiley is the SECOND medical dog we pulled on this day. .

Luckily for Wiley, his owners did not come looking for him so now he is legally ours and has the chance to find a SAFE home, a loving home, one where he'll never have to worry about injury.

Wiley is:

  • A sweet gentleman!
  • about 5 years old
  • getting the BEST medical care!
  • did not need orthopedic surgery- thank fully!

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-Camp Cocker Rescue Team