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Current Medical Dogs in Need


Violet is in need of ongoing Physical Therapy to increase the strength lost in her rear legs due to spinal cord injury.

Violet has made tremendous progress in her physical mobility over the last 4 months! She is an amazing example of perseverance in the face of a disability. She amazes us each and every day! The only thing she needs now is a forever home!



Foster Homes Needed!

We are always in need of quality foster homes because we do not have a facility. We rely on private foster homes to house our rescued dogs temporarily while we Vet them for their ailments.

Many of our dogs we take in have never lived indoors. We are looking for accomodating homes that do not mind potty training or teaching basic obedience during their transition and while we hunt for a forever home.

Fostering is an amazing opportunity to be an essential part of a dogs rescue story! For every new foster home we have, we can save an additional dog!  More information below: