Joint Health, Arthritis and treatment

Lily had crunchy hips and LubriSyn and Dasuquin has helped tremendously.

Lily had crunchy hips and LubriSyn and Dasuquin has helped tremendously.


A Common question asked by not just Cocker Spaniel owners but many dog owners:

" Somewhat OT but thought I would ask here since so many of you are knowledgeable about these things. In addition to our 4 cockers, we have a 12, almost 13, year old Black Lab who is showing some signs of what appears to be arthritis in her hips. The vet (without looking at her) rx'd Rimadyl - which we have heard very bad things about I don't want to give it to her. What about the preps on the market like Glyco-Flex? (glucosamine and chondroitin or are there other better brands??) - any sugestions? She also rx'd a pain prep called gabapentin - not sure of that either...If this is an inappropriate post, please delete with my apologies. Thanks for any suggestions or intel." - Facebook User

Thank you so much for this question, you are a good dog mommy to be asking good questions like this! Rimadyl is scary if used long term. It's fine for just a few days. Gabapentin is a pain medication that is generally prescribed when there is a neurological issue going on. Not generally prescribed for simple arthritis the protocol we use for our dogs with arthritis or joint pain is two things. LubriSyn once a day (the dosage is on the bottle) and Dasaquin with MSM (glucosamine with MSM) Dasaquin seems to be a brand that more than one vet has suggested so we like it and it seems to work. One vet even taught us the money saving trick with Dasaquin/MSM to order the bottle for the large breed dogs and then simply cut the tabs in half for our cocker sized dogs. That's saved a lot of money! You can buy both the LubriSyn and the Dasaquin with MSM on Amazon. Please remember, to begin any Amazon shopping at, then click on Owen's picture shopping on Amazon to enter Amazon that way (our dogs earn up to 7.5% of anything you spend when you enter Amazon like this) Amazon Smile loses us a lot of money as it only gives our dogs 0.5%, so please don't ever use Amazon Smile. Thank you so much! You can always email me directly if you have any more questions too!

Cathy Stanley,
Camp Cocker Rescue