Bill AB485

*** UPDATE** Bill AB485 was voted to pass! Hooray!!

okay all of you California pet owners . . . who's ready to do something totally old school?

How about writing an old fashioned letter and sending it to Sacramento, in support of a bill that is about to be coming up for a vote, to decide if pet stores in the state will be banned from selling puppy mill animals.

Here's more about the measure (AB 485),…

To read details about what the measure is asking for:…/584d91_a9c201efb6194849af817bf47d16

In a nutshell, it would require pet stores to only sell animals that were acquired from local animal shelters or to allow rescuers to adopt their dogs out from the pet store.

You can see the sample letter Camp Cocker Rescue is sending in via snail mail, maybe this will inspire you to do the same?

There are two reasons that anyone would want to see this measure passed in the state of California:

1) COMPASSION - to take away a major "consumer" from the puppy mills that have mommy dogs living in cruel inhumane conditions for their entire lives. Their puppies are taken away from their mommy dogs much too young and then taken on a long journey via semi trucks across the United States. Many puppies don't survive the trip and puppy millers consider this the cost of doing business. The puppies that do survive, often are sickly and don't live long enough to be sold. Pet stores are not spending money to vet any sick puppies, they take them to an animal shelter or they dispose of them if they die. So COMPASSION is a major reason to support this measure coming up for a vote.

2) ECONOMICS - it's plain and simple economics. No matter how you feel about animals, no matter what your political party affiliation is, this comes down to the numbers. Puppies entering our state from puppy mills, are sold un-spayed or un-neutered to consumers. Many consumers will not spay/neuter their dogs in a responsible time frame (five to six months of age is ideal, especially for females before their first heat cycle).

Every unaltered puppy sold from a pet store, has the potential to breed and to continue the cycle of more puppies, being sold unaltered, and those puppies will be bred and so on and so on.

Consumers who buy these puppies from pet stores, do not realize they are buying badly bred puppies that will be prone to multiple genetic problems for life. Breeding a puppy mill dog is a bad idea, as you are already beginning with a dog that has the deck stacked against them genetically speaking.

The state of California will save future countless tax payer dollars by stopping the flow of unaltered puppies being sold out of pet stores. Shelter animals and rescue groups animals should all be spayed/neutered at time of adoption, even if a pet store is handling the adoption.

Consumers looking to get a breed specific puppy, are better served by working directly with a legitimate ethical breeder. A breeder they can find at dog shows, that has extensive health records and testing on all parent dogs before they are bred. There will never be a shortage of pure bred puppies available for the consumer that wants one. The passing of this measure simply prevents the sale of poorly bred puppy mill puppies (that are poorly bred with bad genetics).

It's a win-win for consumers who will no longer be ripped off buying puppy mill puppies from pet stores.

It's a win-win for tax payers who are carrying the burden of a state that has an overwhelming pet over population problem.

Okay, so who out there is up for an old fashioned, putting pen to paper and writing a letter, stamping it and taking it to the post office? C'mon, you can do it! It's only one letter - and its for the future puppy mill animals you might be able to help as a result!