Ella's Story

October 2016 -- Present

           Ella was turned in to an animal shelter in Wildomar California. She is very affectionate and has lots of energy. The shelter guessed her age at around 10. As of right now we don't know too much about her other than she may be the sweetest rescue dog we've ever met.

Intake Shelter Photo

Intake Shelter Photo

We love this face she makes.

We love this face she makes.

If you are interested in adopting Ella please fill out your application today!

Update -- December 25th 2016

Santa's Little Helper!

If you know you can't live one more minute without Ella by your side-- fill out an application!
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Update -- January 21st 2017 --Periscope!

Click this link to see Ella in Action!



February 2017-- Video!

She Smiles!!

She Smiles!!

Stay tuned for more updates on this baby girl!

-Camp Cocker Rescue Team

October 12th 2016

Please consider donating a small amount towards her initial vetting, grooming, and food. We can count on your donations while we rescue more dogs in need. Thank you for your support!

Update -- October 25th

Ella and Friends had their photo-shoot with Rita Earl Photography

Ella has a lot of energy for her age (10 years young!) She looks up at you yearning for your love and affection. Ella is also house-trained.

She loves to get outdoors and go for walks and adventures! Which is fantastic because she came to us on the heavier side and we are working on slimming her down.

Update-- November 3rd

Ella has lost the weight! She is down to 26LBS and there she will stay. We are so glad the weight came off and now she can move around easier and feel more comfortable in her own skin.

We love ya Ella!

Update January 2017

Ella is napping in her foster home. She is doing really well!

What we know about Ella:

  • She naps like a rockstar
  • She gets along great with other dogs
  • Loves to meet people
  • Loves car rides and other adventures!
  • approx. 10 years young!
  • Dry-eye medication

Update - February 7th 2017

Ella is good with dog-savvy cats!