Eli's Story

2010 -- Present

South LA Shelter--- Los Angeles, CA

Eli has been with Camp Cocker for quite a few years now and we know everything about him. He is playful, he is a cuddle-bug, and he is always a happy happy guy. He has so much energy for a 7 year old, that he tires us out. Eli has never met a person he didn't like: he loves loves loves people!

Eli does have some special neurological needs and must be on anti-seizure medication every 12 hours. He is also on Canna Companion to help reduce the intensity of his episodes.

Often, Eli will have a minor vestibular episode at the dog park because he'll get so excited. He starts to get stiff and the right side of his body will lose muscle control and he will start to lean and tilt towards the right. His foster home is used to these episodes and will try to prevent the excitement or pick Eli up until he calms down and his muscles can relax. 

It is quite endearing; he gets so excited from new people, or puppies (especially because they can match his energy) that he literally falls over from pure joy.

Eli & Brady

Eli & Brady

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