Every once in a while Camp Cocker Rescue gets a call about a senior dog sitting in a shelter who is in dire need of help. Senior dogs are often overlooked by families due to their age, health condition or physical state. We strive to reach the animals in the worst conditions or those who have been involved in an accident. These dogs have the least likelihood of ever being adopted (or even rescued by other rescue groups) yet they are still very deserving of a home.  Because it is so difficult to find homes for our dogs of a certain age they become part of our Forever Fosters program. What this program achieves is placement in a stable foster home where they can live out the rest of their days. These foster homes are not like any other homes: They are one-of-a-kind and extremely rare. They offer a loving home where these senior dogs can live out their last years. These homes are patient, kind, and willing to care for any (and often many) medical need that presents itself. In the mean time, Camp Cocker will cover the costs of their care and medical for the rest of their days. This is a wonderful program that allows these dogs to get placed into loving homes with families who are dedicated to caring for them and could possibly be the first time these dogs feel love.. Bringing in a Forever Foster dog is not uncommon but quality foster homes are. We are always in need of homes that are willing to open their doors to an senior/major medical dog. For we never know when we are going to get the call and there are thousands of senior dogs each sitting in their concrete shelter stalls waiting for their own rescue story.

Below are the Forever Fosters of Camp Cocker Rescue.

Help us help them.


It is a great service to care for the sick, the old, and the unwanted.

“Where there is life, there is love.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Grandpa Henry Bear

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Henry is now the third senior dog in the Camp Cocker permanent foster dog program. We rescued Henry Bear in 2016 from the high-kill animal shelter in Pomona. He is about 12 years old and deaf. We found a fantastic foster home for him who inadvertently fell in love.

Henry is deaf and has glaucoma in one eye as well as bad arthritis.

We are grateful to have rescued him as he brings much joy to his foster family who love him dearly.

Mr. Wilson

We came upon Mr. WIlson at the East Valley Animal Shelter in 2016 and were completely speechless at his condition: fur so matted he had dreadlocks hanging from his face, and feces were woven into his backside. His ears were bulging from his skull almost as if they were turned inside out; his knees caved in when he walked. His shelter paperwork stated that at the time of his owner relinquish, he was soaking wet from being 'hosed down'.

We couldn't leave him there. We signed the paperwork and drove him to our groomers where it took 2 hours to bathe and shave him down.

Multiple tumor biopsies later, Mr Wilson was diagnosed with Oral melanoma: a very aggressive cancer of the mouth. We are currently seeking treatment options for him. As of right now he is simply enjoying the foster life: he follows his foster mom around the house and is getting used to being cared for. Finally.  Click here to read more about his ongoing story:  Mr Wilson's Story

We need a couple ofSponsors for Mr. Wilson! He has weekly ear flushings to remove bacterial deep down inside his ear canals, and bi-monthly oral vaccine, food and costs of grooming. Click below to join Mr. Wilson's entourage!



Lenny is approx 11 years old and came to us from Riverside California Animal Shelter.

Seeing him firsthand in the shelter just broke our hearts and so we asked for a permanent foster home to be found and much to our amazement--Lenny found a super fantastic foster home in San Francisco.

So we got him the heck out of the shelter, got him fixed up and then moved him up to his permanent foster so he could begin life as an indoor dog, being treated as a much loved family member.

Lenny had not been cared for very well in his past and he needed a lot of extractions taken out during his dental in December. Luckily for Camp Cocker Rescue, Lenny had his surgery done at the San Francisco SPCA Veterinary Hospital. Lenny is also being treated for his glaucoma. They gave us a really nice discount on Lenny's surgery and they even gave us some time before our bill was due. Lenny is now enjoying his life with his foster mom and friends. and is being pampered just the way he should be.

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We rescued Tucker in 2012 from the Coachella Valley animal shelter after he was dropped off for being too old. He is approx 14 years.

Tucker has a heart murmur and has seen a cardiologist a few times since in our care. He is partially deaf but that doesn't slow him down. His foster brother and him get along super well and he too, follows his foster mom around the house all day and she sends us pictures often of Tucker on Christmas morning surrounded by his new toys! That is just they way we imagined life for him and we couldn't be happier.

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