OCTOBER 5th 2017

Rescued from Palmdale Animal Care Center -- Los Angeles County, CA

forever foster program

Greta in her new foster home pic two 11_03_17.jpg
Greta in her new foster home 11_03_17.JPG


This poor, sweet angel, Greta, was rescued by Camp Cocker Rescue after a volunteer brought our attention to her many medical needs. The animal doctor at Palmdale Animal Center and our own vet believed she had an inguinal hernia, which is a LIFE THREATENING condition where the intestines move around in the body and get twisted up in the wrong place. An inguinal hernia is most often the result of blunt force trauma. The much needed surgery, however, would also be complicated by another issue. Greta also has a grade three to four heart murmur, which means she is at risk every time the surgeon needs to put her under anesthesia.

Camp Cocker Rescue was able to get Greta to our friends at Community Veterinary Center in North Hollywood, where she was luckily able to get into surgery right away. During the surgery, it was discovered that the huge bulging area of her abdomen was actually an enormous fatty lipoma!! The doctor was able to remove two lipomas, and have Greta spayed at the same time.

Since the doctor had carefully planned for Greta to be under anesthesia for so much longer, and because the abdominal surgery had been much shorter, she was also able to work on Greta's cherry eye surgery and her dental as well. Greta had three extractions, one was a canine tooth and two were pre-molars. 

Greta is now on her way to recovering and being the best girl she can be. 

Greta A5111888 female Palmdale.jpg
Greta in towel at CV 10:05:17.jpg

We rely 100% on donated volunteer time, and small donations of just $5 from animal lovers everywhere!

We always need responsible, flexible, and temporary foster homes in the Los Angeles / Ventura County area. Fostering is a rewarding experience and puts you front and center in our dogs' rescue story! You can help us prepare our dogs for their forever homes (this includes potty training, basic obedience, and lots of interaction and love!) Read more about fostering below!

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-Camp Cocker Rescue Team