Jay Jay

Rescued October 20th 2018 - - - Available NOW

Rescued from the Carson City Los Angeles Shelter


What we know about Jay Jay:

  • About 5 years old

  • Very chill and mellow, but still loves to run and play!

  • Loves cuddling and naps

  • Plays a great game of fetch! He will chase a ball for days.

  • He has hereditary seizures, but they can be easily managed with medication at regularly scheduled times.

  • Would do best in a house with a dog door. He has been outdoor dog for his whole life, and this has been the easily method for his house-training.

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Jay Jay’s story is one of those rescues that seem like a miracle. Dropped off at the shelter at 12pm by his former owners after he has been having seizures since midnight, the shelter (not having the resources or experience to take care of a seizing dog overnight) only had until the end of day to find Jay Jay a rescue or he would be euthanized at 4pm. THAT ONLY GAVE HIM FOUR HOURS TO FIND A RESCUE TO SAVE HIS LIFE.

The shelter sent out a massive email begging any and all available rescues if they could take him. Camp Cocker Rescue was one of those rescues who received an urgent plea from the Carson/Los Angeles county animal shelter. Jay-Jay is not a cocker spaniel but when we saw the shelter photo of him in the middle of a seizure, our hearts sank. 

Very familiar with managing dogs with seizures, Jay Jay’s desperate situation touched us. After a frantic game email and phone tag, we found a transporter who was able to get to the shelter in time to get him.

Jay Jay has joined our growing list of honorary cocker spaniels rescued by Camp Cocker Rescue. As part of our Just One Dog Rescue, Jay Jay is going be in the best of hands until he find his forever home!

You can help us get Jay Jay the medication and care he needs by donating at the link below. No donation is too small to help Jay-Jay!

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