June 1st 2018----- Adopted October 2018

Rescued from East Valley Animal Shelter --- Los Angeles, CA


This sweet girl found herself in a dire situation. Abandoned by her family she sat shivering on a little bed at the shelter. She was listed as 10 years old, but following a proper vetting, our Veterinarian estimated her age to be 7-8, as her eyes were not aged or calcified as the eye tissue can reveal in 9+ year old dogs. 

This is good news!

  • 7-8 years old

  • super sweet but very timid at first - warms up quickly.

  • received quality vetting, up-to-date and full dental surgery to clear some rotten toofers!

  • only 15 lbs!

  • Needs extra love and patience!

Lucy Sky pic two 7_14_18.jpg

We rely 100% on the generous support of our donors. Lucy's medical vetting will be a significant expense. Please consider donating a small amount of $5 to our rescue so that we can keep doing what we do: Saving Cocker Spaniels, fixing the broken ones, and finding them perfect forever homes!

Lucy in the Skye.jpg