McKenna's Story

April 8th -- June 10th 2017

Illegal Breeding Operation --- California City, CA

Post Double Ear Ablation Surgery June 1st 2017 - Healing up nicely!

Post Double Ear Ablation Surgery June 1st 2017 - Healing up nicely!

Well we did it, we took in nine cocker spaniels yesterday from what turned out to be a backyard breeding operation in California City, CA. Two women, who gave us an alias name and told us a fabricated story about how they were getting evicted, said their dogs would be taken to a shelter by the Sheriff's department that was evicting them.

The red flags were going off, especially since the house did not even look like anyone was packing up and getting ready to move. The dogs were all outdoors, living in a dirt yard that had feces everywhere. (it smelled so bad, as soon as we stepped outside, the disgusting odor hit us).... Continue reading the rest of the story here (with video)

New Video (May 23rd) of McKenna Post-Op with her friends on Periscope Click Here

What we know about McKenna so far:

  • She is incredibly sweet, age 5?
  • Her skin is healing, and she is recovering well after her double ear ablation surgery.
  • McKenna is our little super star! She is receiving the most care and treatment due to her past neglect but she is as happy as ever. She practically RUNS to the vet hospital door and cannot wait to get inside because she cannot wait to feel better! 
  • She had a dental, a spay, and a major ear surgery Please help us with the cost of this surgery by donating below!

We rely 100% on all of our support in the form of small donations. We run on $5 donations and volunteers! Please consider donating just $5 so we can get on top of our mounting medical bills taking in 9 dogs on one day!

Going to the Vet for the FIRST time!

Going to the Vet for the FIRST time!


A HUGE thank you to Lifeline4Paws for helping us and donating towards the costs of McKenna's multiple surgeries! 

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