Morgan's Story

April 2016-- Present

Morgan was picked up from an animal shelter in Riverside, California. This doe-eyed boy has very endearing but quirky neurological movements (his head bobs up and down and he walks funny) is sure going to need a very special adopter -- someone that is truly Morgan-worthy (but don't we say that about all of our dogs?). He has nothing mechanical wrong with him, it seems to be neurological. Our vet calls it "intentional tremors". Morgan will need to receive an MRI in the future to figure out what exactly is going on in his brain. Morgan could be around 2-3 years old.


Morgan is a fur baby who just wants to rest his head on your lap all day. Morgan is looking for his forever home and serious adopters please go to our adopt page and fill out an application for this gorgeous man!

If you just love this little guy but can't adopt right now, please consider sponsoring him to help cover the costs of his foster home like food and grooming. There is no minimum amount, and any is greatly appreciated!

Update -- October 25th

Morgan and Friends got their photos taken by Rita Earl Photography !

If Morgan has just won over your heart (like he does his foster mommy everyday) please click below and start the adoption process!

Potential adopters should note that because Morgan has some neurological issues, he still has potty accidents from time to time in his foster home.

Morgan had neuter-repair surgery after we picked him up because whoever did his neuter at the shelter didn't do it properly so his wound site wasn't healing. We think Morgan had a tough life the last few years because he was too skinny-- we could feel his hip bones and visibly see his ribs! His foster mom is feeding him well and he has since gained substantial healthy weight. Just look how beautiful he is! <3

Don't you just want to scoop him up and tell him life will be good?

Day 2 of Cocker Palooza 2016 @ Avila Beach

Day 2 of Cocker Palooza 2016 @ Avila Beach

UPDATE -- January 28th 2017

Getting ready for MRI...

Getting ready for MRI...

Morgan received his MRI!!!

The neurologist reported that Morgan has a "slightly malformed cerebellum" which is the part of the brain that controls motor co-ordination. The malformation is either something he was born with or from some sort of past trauma. Either way, there is no sign of anything serious like a brain tumor or anything fatal. The neurologist says that she does not expect Morgan's co-ordination problems to get worse over time.

Whoo hooo! Happy dances all around!


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