Mr. Rogers

June 26th 2017 --- present 

Riverside Animal Shelter (Over-night Dropbox) ----- Riverside, CA

Shelter Intake Photo -- Not showing Ulcer or bloodied fur on left side of body. 

Shelter Intake Photo -- Not showing Ulcer or bloodied fur on left side of body. 


Mr Rogers was unfortunately left in an Over-Night Relinquishment Box that the Riverside Animal Shelter provides for "after hours" drop-offs. Perhaps the owners did not want to show their faces as they surrendered this dog in such a condition. The left side of his body had dried blood and his left ear had a wound so ulcerated we gasped upon seeing it for the first time. 

What we know about Mr. Rogers so far:

  • He is scheduled for surgery on his ear-- we will update soon. Please help us with his surgery and biopsies by donating below!
  • Cancer- free and HOUSE TRAINED!! omg yay!
  • Starting on Dasuquin joint supplements for mobility
  • He is a gentle gentleman! He takes treats so gently!
  • He has such a kind face and big beautiful eyes! 
  • He could be around 9 years old.?
  • He will be neutered at a later date. 

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