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Bernie Needs Your Help!

Sad little Bernie was dumped twice in one month at North Central Animal Shelter in Los Angeles. He had a little cold and developed some nasal discharge so when we scooped him up we took him straight to our Vet in North Hollywood, CA. Upon observing his stiff gait our Vet took x-rays that revealed how painful walking must be for him. His femur bones are not resting in the normal place on the hip sockets (pictured above). Bernie needs a double FHO surgery  (Femoral Head Osteotomy) to fix this problem! Oh poor Bernie! Please consider donating to this sweetheart of a little guy. He's not had the chance for thorough vetting before in his life and he has no idea that his life is about to change through the magic of the Camp Cocker village of supporters!


Spot Light: Rita Earl Photography


"They say a picture speaks a thousand words. That still holds true. In the digital age, pictures also save lives. Renowned photographer, Rita Earl Blackwell, and her Pro-Bono work with animal rescue organizations is saving the lives of countless rescue animals...."  Click here to read the full article by Scott Smith!

We rely 100% on volunteer time and small donations of $5- $10. We get our dogs the treatment they need FIRST and fund-raise for medical bills after. If you can donate a small amount today - it will go to help Rudy and Blossom's surgery bills so we can get out there and rescue more dogs in need (of which there is never a shortage)! Please donate today!