December 23, 2018 --- ADOPTED January 2019!

Rescued from the Downey, Los Angeles Animal Shelter

Noel two days post op 12_31_18.jpg

Noel is our little Christmas Miracle! Hit by a car and dropped off at the Downey Animal Shelter just two days before Christmas, we knew we needed to act fast if we wanted to make sure this girl had a chance of being able to walk normally again.

We picked her up from the shelter the same day she arrived, and we brought her to the vet right away to get an assessment of her injuries.

X-rays showed she had a fractured pelvis, so the vets scheduled her to have a FHO surgery to to fix it. She had the surgery on 12/29/18, and now Noel is on a six-week crate rest to heal from the surgery.

She is available for adoption now, so as long as her adopter is willing to help her through her crate rest and short, controlled exercises to slowly get her mobility back to normal.

Apply to adopt Noel today!

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