Cockers in Shelters Right Now

Camp Cocker is a very small rescue group, and while we do what we can, we will never be able to save every shelter dog. Of the thirty plus high kill shelters we monitor daily, approximately ten new cocker spaniels show up a DAY! We are lucky if we can save that many in an entire month. However, you can make a difference by going directly to a shelter to rescue a dog and save a life. These are pictures of cockers currently in kill shelters. You can pause the slide show to look at details of each dog to find out which shelter the dog is in. Please either contact that shelter directly or go there in person, as Camp Cocker has no information about these dogs other than what we've posted here. If you move your mouse to the bottom frame of the slide show, thumb nails of all of the pictures will show up and you can select a specific picture.