Teddy The Poodle

March 4th 2017 -- Present

Rescued from Los Angeles, South LA Shelter

Adoption Pending

Teddy was dumped off at South LA after being hit by a car and suffering 3 fractures on his pelvis. We were at South LA looking at Luke, Walker and Dalton when a family entered the lobby with a black and white poodle in their arms.

We knew he wasn't a cocker spaniel, but we knew he needed our help-- and fast!

It was lucky that we were there at the same time to rescue him, otherwise the shelter has no use for a dog with critical injuries....

We rushed him to the specialists in West LA who have performed multiple pelvis surgeries on our past dogs and paid the down payment. We need our supporters, donors, and those of you who love animals and want to see happy endings to donate!


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