Although many of the dogs we rescue may have had some obedience training or house training in their past, because we often don't know their history, every dog is a bit like a puzzle that we have to put together one piece at a time to solve the mystery of that particular dog. We always recommend that you plan to immediately sign up for a basic obedience class with any dog you might adopt. Even if you have years of experience with dogs, the class will help you and your new dog to bond sooner and will also give your dog the opportunity to work on obedience in a public setting with the distractions of other dogs around. And who knows? You might even learn something new as well!

Camp Cocker volunteer Monica was a great example of how an adopter can enrich the life of their adopted dog through training, which is the best bonding experience anyone can ever have. Sometimes adopters might not even think about going to obedience training with their dog because there are no behavioral issues. But it is really more about creating a relationship with your dog, engaging the dog's mind, building their confidence as they learn new things and get exposed to new social experiences.

Monica took her adopted dog Stuart to obedience training and then she followed up by taking him to clicker training where Stuart graduated TOP in his class! Way to go Stuart! Stuart knew none of this when he was rescued by Camp Cocker. This shows you what a dedicated adopter can do with a dog if you put the time and effort in. Next up, either agility or tracking classes for Stuart. Wow! We wish ALL adopters would give their cockers these types of wonderful and fun opportunities!