Where donations go...

Camp Cocker is unusual among animal rescue groups in that we often rescue dogs with serious medical needs: dogs who have been hit by cars and need immediate orthopedic surgery, dogs who need cataract surgery to save their vision, dogs who need to be hospitalized with severe pneumonia. As a result, we spend quite a bit of money on veterinary expenses.  We have good relationships with several veterinarians who give us generous rescue discounts, but even so, we are constantly fundraising to pay our significant veterinary bills, and we always have dogs waiting for us to raise enough money for surgeries. 

And while we would love to place every dog in a foster home until it's adopted, we don't have enough foster homes to care for the dogs we want to rescue, so we incur substantial boarding fees for many of our dogs.

Between medical expenses and boarding fees (and of course ordinary expenses like food, supplies, etc.), we typically spend over $1000 on each dog we rescue -- not to mention the dogs whose surgeries cost many times that. We operate completely on donations, so please consider helping us out. Also, what a great gift for someone who has everything . . . make a donation in their honor and we will send an acknowledgement card on your behalf.

We pride ourselves in being transparent in our expenditures.  You can find lots of people on Facebook collecting money for dogs in shelters, but when you donate to Camp Cocker Rescue, you can be confident that your money is going directly to care for our dogs, because we post our medical bills online.