Morgan's Story


Rescued from RIverside Animal Shelter ---- Riverside, CA

Morgan was picked up from an animal shelter in Riverside, California. This doe-eyed boy has very endearing but quirky neurological movements (his head bobs up and down and he walks funny) is sure going to need a very special adopter -- someone that is truly Morgan-worthy (but don't we say that about all of our dogs?). 

What we know about Morgan so far:

  • Super calm and sweet!

  • Around 4 years old.

  • Gentle and good with kids!

  • Has some neurological quirks caused by a malformed cerebellum. Neurologist is confident it will not get worse.

  • He is very healthy!

  • Bonds quickly to his human!

  • Would be best in a home with no stairs.

  • Benefits from daily exercise.

  • Morgan is on a special diet to prevent bladder stones.

  • Morgan would benefit from a home where he can relieve his bladder every 2-3 hours and cannot hold it for longer than that.

  • Other than that he is The. Perfect. Boy!

Morgan gets an MRI

Morgan gets an MRI

Day 2 of Cocker Palooza 2016 @ Avila Beach

Day 2 of Cocker Palooza 2016 @ Avila Beach

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