Brisa's story

July 2016 -- October 29th 2016-- ADOPTED!

This quiet little lady found herself hidden away in an area of a high-kill Pomona shelter that the general public cannot access. She had no idea it was her turn to be a dead dog walking.

It's a small miracle that anyone found out about her and it was one evening in July that we got a phone call from a Camp Cocker Rescue volunteer Wendy, that the dog was set to be euthanized that night. We had a very hard time rescuing her from this particular shelter because they are not rescue-friendly and have us repeatedly jump though hoops just to save the life of a dog who would otherwise be put down immediately. After finally leaving the shelter, Brisa was brought to our Vet to be checked out. She is a another project doggie:  multiple mammary tumors, dental disease, the works! 

After 2nd mammary surgery. August 2016

After 2nd mammary surgery. August 2016

Brisa is a wonderful girl! She is house trained and great with other dogs. She is approx 8-9 years of age and is very gentle when she takes treats from your hands. She's also very quiet and doesn't bark much if at all. She loves car rides, short walks, and if you sit down she'll plop her bum right in your lap! The best way to describe her is: Giant Teddy Bear.

Update -- September 2016!

Brisa had her photos taken by the wonderful Rita Earl Photography Studios!  Brisa was diagnosed with acute Hemolytic Anemia: a condition where her blood doesn't clot when undergoing surgery. This is not a chronic condition and doesn't impact her daily life.

Please click the link below for more information on fostering.

Brisa enjoying a plush bed in her Foster home!

Brisa enjoying a plush bed in her Foster home!

Please consider becoming a monthly sponsor for Brisa. She will need it when she finds her Forever Foster. Sponsoring Brisa would help cover her care costs like food, grooming, and medication. There is no minimum amount required, and is greatly appreciated!


During her first surgery, the Vet became concerned when she was not clotting as quickly as she should have. He removed the one mammary tumor that was the easiest to take out with the least loss of blood. More blood work is being done to try to figure out why she was bleeding so much. Her platelets were normal before surgery so this was unexpected.


Update Video -- August 10th Brisa's skin infection

We would like to take this moment to thank LifeLine4Paws an incredible foundation focused on helping in the long, arduous and (always) expensive journey of rehabilitating animals in dire need! Their donations to our rescue have not gone unnoticed! Thank you for donating towards Brisa's multiple mastectomy surgeries!

Update -- October 29th 2016

Brisa has been ADOPTED!!

WOW! Brisa went on a First Class Plane ride (Courtesy of our absolutely fabulous volunteer pilot) up to Northern California where she met her beautiful new family!

We Love You Brisa!

-Camp Cocker Rescue