Doug's Journey

November 4th 2016 -- Adopted December 20th 2016


           Doug was picked up from South Los Angeles Animal Shelter on the day his Stray Hold ended. We had been watching him for a few days because he came into the shelter with an injured back leg. Shelter volunteers know to alert us when they receive injured Cocker Spaniels. His injury was a laceration a few inches long: deep enough you could see muscle tendons and was oozing with pus. We rushed him over to our vet in North Hollywood to get the wound flushed and sewn up. His demeanor was that of a happy dog: it didn't seem to bother him but as we all know: animals don't show you how much they're suffering.

Watch his periscope videos of his Rescue Day on our Twitter Feed here


Update -- November 11th 2016

Doug's leg has been flushed clean and is now stitched up! He is walking like it's no big deal. He is a trooper!

Doug needs a place to run around and release his puppy energy! We estimate that Doug is very young--2-3 years old perhaps?

If you would like to adopt or foster this little Heartbreaker, Please read up on our process!


UPdate -- December 1st 2016

Doug & Autumn have become fast friends!

HI! IM DOUG!! 😜😜😜😜

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Update --December 20 2016 Adopted!!

Thank you to all of our supporters who helped us find a great family for our Doug! We love you Doug!!

-Camp Cocker Rescue