Hannah's Story

June 2016 -- September 2016

Hannah came to us with her little family dirty, matted, and absolutely infested with fleas. After a thorough washing and some proper care we found a beautiful sweet girl who just wants to be loved. It's a rough guess but we think Hannah is about 4-5 years old and has just been spayed, so those breeding days are long behind her!

Hannah is about 4-5 years old and lived in lousy conditions. She has some issues with her ears which are swollen. Dr. Ash wonders if it is from a lifetime of untreated ear infections and scratching at her ears from fleas. We are treating her ears routinely to ease the swelling.

Hannah has great doggie manners, doesn't jump up on the couch, and sits patiently during car rides. She is an absolute dream girl and we are pretty surprised she hasn't been scooped up yet! Hannah's ears are back to what a normal dogs ears should be! We are so happy the treatment worked and she is no longer in pain!


Update September 2016----


Hannah's day has finally come! In a whirlwind over the weekend, she has met her new family and has since been settling in! We are so happy and could not be more excited to have found her a quality home who will never discard her ever again.

Another Happy Ending for the books!

--Camp Cocker Rescue