Hershey's Story 

July 2016 ---August 2016

Brown Cocker Spaniel

This is the chocolate boy from the Downey/Los Angeles county shelter. We've named him Hershey because he looks like a delicious chocolate bar and we could just eat him up, he's just that sweet! Hershey has been sitting in the shelter for the last ten days with a respiratory infection (they found a microchip in him on the day we were supposed to get him, but legally had to hold him another ten days for the owners to try to claim him).

So what began ten days ago as a respiratory infection, has now turned into full blown pneumonia. This poor guy! New chest x-rays today show that he is not improving so it's time to get more aggressive with his treatment. His nasal discharge has stopped but the coughing has not improved and he has a LOT of fluid in his lungs.  Dr. Ash would like to start nebulation and more aggressive treatment to attack what is in Hershey's lungs. He is eating and drinking well so that's good news.

UPDATE - August 2016!

Wow that was fast! Hershey has been adopted by one of our volunteers in the Foster-to-Adopt program! We are so proud of our dear chocolate boy! Once he is neutered it will be official! 

Dog Tongue

Unfortunately Hershey's medical costs have added to our vet debt from June which is up to $17,000+.

Happy Cocker Spaniel

We love you Hershey! 

Peace, Love & Chocolate

-Camp Cocker Rescue