Millie's Story

March 2016 -- October 2016

Millie has the most beautiful piercing eyes that are bound to melt anyone's heart! Millie has come a long way since we sprung her from the Downey/Los Angeles shelter a few months back. During that time she has endured two mastectomy surgeries, a tumor removal, dental work, urinary tract infection, and suffered a bout of E-coli in her urine that was treated with a week of Amikacin injections with sub-q fluids. AND she went through it all with her tail wagging the entire time!  

She is about seven years old but don't let her age fool you! She is an active little girl who loves to play, go on walks, and even hikes! 

Millie is great with other dogs but sometimes can be a little too hyper for some. Though, she has been doing a lot of doggie socializing with her current foster and learning to give those quiet dogs their much needed space.

Millie is currently undergoing isotherapy treatment for her skin allergy. What we would love is to find some amazing adopters who will tend to her special diet (she is allergic to some foods) and her on-going medicated baths to soothe that itchy skin of hers.


Update -- August 2016

Look at the transformation!!

Update -- September 2016

Millie and our other dogs received her first ever professional photoshoot by the amazingRita Earl Photography.

Millie was adopted earlier this week to a lovely lady in SoCal. We are very excited for Millie and her new adventures!

There are so many other pups like Millie who are in desperate need for a loving home. Please consider Fostering or Adopting one of our dogs! Visit their pages for more information or click here for information on Fostering:

September 2016

September 2016

We would like to take this moment to thank LifeLine4Paws an incredible foundation focused on helping in the long, arduous and (always) expensive journey of rehabilitating animals in dire need! Their donations to our rescue have not gone unnoticed! Thank you for donating towards Millie's double mastectomy surgeries!


-Camp Cocker Rescue