Quinn's Story

June 2016 -- August 2016

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This small little cocker spaniel boy was hit by a car and entered the Coachella, California animal shelter this last June.  He was in so much pain he was unable to stand up or walk.  Camp Cocker Rescue heard about his predicament and got him out of the shelter and to the emergency hospital.   We've named him Quinn.

Quinn had at least six or seven pelvic fractures, on both weight bearing sides.   His tail vertebrae had become completely disconnected from his spine vertebrae (thank goodness there doesn't seem to be neurological damage).   His right knee had a grade three luxation and his left Acetabular (the place where the femur is supposed to rest in the hip joint) is fractured so badly, it may be a challenge to repair. Quinn also needs his tail amputated since it is now without any feeling and is just hanging like dead weight.

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Quinn is now checked in to Two Hangs Four Paws where he has begun his therapy/boarding. He will be getting top notch care; laser therapy for pain and to promote healing, acupuncture, massages and gentle physical therapy exercises to help him regain his strength and work through his atrophy on both sides.

Just four weeks after his original life-saving surgery, he developed an inguinal hernia. The hernia was the residual damage caused by his previous accident and required immediate extensive surgical care. His surgery went very well and now Quinn is just taking it easy and focusing on his recuperation. (But occasionally running after a ball or two, mental recuperation is just as important :~) )

Due to the extent of Quinn's injuries, the cost of surgery was upwards of $12,000. His bills combined with the vet bills from several of our other pups has left us in debt as we attempt to pay off our bills that have built up between June and July.


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July -- Update Video!

As you can see in our latest video Quinn is doing excellent! His next surgery will be scheduled once he has healed completely. Just watch his puppy-like stamina, his athletic prescision, his pure happiness once he gets that ball! We know that he appreciates us too and that we have saved his life. It goes both ways Quinn, and you'll never fully understand just how much you mean to us and to so many of our supporters who have been watching his every step. Thank you again to everyone who donated to this boy, and especially to the care and compassion of Dr. Ash and his staff at the University Veterinary Center.

Please donate to Wigglebutt Quinn's medical bills at CampCocker.com!

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This video below shows Quinn walking just days after his double hip surgery! His neuter was postponed to help with his recovery. 

We want to thank those who have already helped so much in Quinn's surgeries and rehabilitation process though their support and donations. Shout out to LifeLine4Paws for their generous assistance as well.

Quinn is very popular with our supporters, and some of them send him gifts and write him letters (that we read aloud to him) while he waits to get better. We greatly appreciate any support you can give: a small donation from many can really add up!

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September 2016 -- Update!

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Update-- September 13th 2016

QUINN GOT ADOPTED!!  A wonderful couple applied for him and he is doing beautifully! We are SO HAPPY. Quinn deserves a caring family, and that is definitely what he got!!

We would like to take this moment to thank LifeLine4Paws a incredible foundation focused on helping in the long, arduous and (always) expensive journey of rehabilitating animals in dire need! Their donations to our rescue have not gone unnoticed! Thank you so much for helping Quinn in his time of need!

- Camp Cocker Rescue