Walter's Story

July 2016-- August 2016

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Walter was carried in to the Lancaster County shelter north of Los Angeles wrapped in a blanket because he was "hit by a car". The shelter noted in his file that he was unable to stand or walk and that maybe he had "soft tissue damage". We brought him to Dr Ash at University Veterinary Center in Anaheim, CA to be checked out. No fractures or broken bones showed up on the x-rays and other than a cough, he is quite healthy!

Walter is one mystery we can't figure out. He was labeled as a Cocker Spaniel at the shelter which is why we were called, but he is definitely more of a terrier mixed with tons of CUTE!

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Walter is a sweetheart. He is patient, and a little shy around new dogs and people, but once he sees someone kneel down he takes it as a sign for scratches and belly rubs! He is very affectionate and calm. He is great in the car and enjoys the ride.

UPDATE- August 2016

Wow that was fast! Walter found a loving family up north in the Bay Area! One of our wonderful volunteers who fly's his own plane offered to fly Walter up to his new home! Here's a photo of Walter's paddle-boarding lesson with his new Dad!

We love ya Walter and we already miss you!

-Camp Cocker Rescue