Charles' Journey

February 26th 2017

Dog Meat Trade Survivor --- South Korea (korean rescue group)

Adopted November 2017

We were aware of the dog meat trade in Asia but there are so many more details we have only come to learn about recently. For example, puppy mills are as horrific as they are here in the states, the only difference is when the breeder dogs are no longer useful they are then sold to the dog meat farms. We don't want to upset anyone here with the cruel details of what their death is like once they arrive at the dog meat farms (you can google it, but only if you are feeling really brave).

It is important to mention that people who are dedicating their life to trying to save dogs from the dog meat trade, are also working hard to lobby to get the laws changed. The idea of dog meat as a delicacy is something that is popular with mostly an older male generation. Like anything that requires a progressive approach, it's younger people that are brave enough to go up against a very old culture and try to change minds with compassion towards animals.

Yaya and Charles were sent to us through San Fransisco International Airport. With the support and network of our dedicated volunteers we were able to transport them down to Los Angeles, CA where we operate

*********Watch our Periscope Live Video of Charles and Yaya when we meet them for the first time!!*******


What we know about Charles so far:

  • Medium size approx 3 years of age
  • Very Sweet and sensitive
  • Household with No Children is best
  • Good in the car!
  • Needs lots of exercise. - Loves to hike!
  • Good with cats!



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