Dalton's Story

March 4th 2017 -- March 25th 2017

rescued from LOS angeles - South LA Shelter

Dalton was dumped at the South LA shelter in Los Angeles. According to shelter records, he had been previously dumped there before back in 2013. We rescued him in honor of our Beau who passed away suddenly the day before.

Watch his rescue video!

Here is what we know about Dalton so far:

  • approx 7- 10 years young!
  • teeth worn down- due to being stuck in a crate/cage for long periods of time.
  • VERY good on a leash
  • House trained
  • Neuter surgery completed.
  • Too skinny, so we're going to help him with that! :)
Oh you want a belly rub?

Oh you want a belly rub?

March 25th 2017-- Adopted!

Great News for Dalton! He has become the newest family member to a family in Nevada! Thank you everyone who supported Dalton along the way! He truly deserved a loving home after being dumped at the same shelter twice! Love you Dalton!


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