December 12th 2017

Seoul, Korea------>>>  Freedom Flyer Program ------>>> Los Angeles, CA

Adopted 12/14/2017


Elias is a Boston Terrier boy of about 2-3 years of age. Possibly younger considering his energy and white teeth! We committed to taking 5 Cocker Spaniels from South Korean Rescue group who had limited space and needed homes for their dogs in order to rescue more dogs of all breeds from the Dog Meat Trade of South Korea.

Puppy Mills replenish the supply of this type of commodity for the Meat trade in Asia. Elias was one of these dogs to come out alive.

We commited to taking him and a couple other Boston Terriers because we knew how popular they are in America and we know we can find the best most suitable home for any dog we take into our rescue. Consider him an "Honorary Cocker" We had a home ready for him before he even arrived in America.

Upon receiving Elias and our other dogs,it was evident he had a knee issue. Turns out he needed a double knee surgery. We couldn't leave our adopter high and dry with this major medical problem and so decided to help fund raise in order to cover some of the costs of this major surgery.

Attention all Boston Terrier Lovers!


Elias has just had his surgery and we are selling these sweet colorful watches to help raise funds to pay for his medical bills.

These fun unisex watches are made from faux leather and will fit wrists between. 6.25" and 8".

One watch for $29.95
OR buy two and get one FREE! (these make super cute gifts)

*IMPORTANT: if you are buying two and getting one free, be SURE to email us with what colors you want in your order. Email: CampCockerCathy@gmail.com

Thank you so much for your support of animal rescue! 100% of profits from these watches go to Elias' surgery bills!

How awesome is that!