June 17th 2017 -- August 5th 2017

East Valley Animal Shelter ----- Los Angeles, CA

This little guy was dropped off at the shelter one morning over the weekend with a broken paw. We suspect the family would rather get a new puppy than fix the one they got.  Whichwas good news for this little dude since we are going to see to every little need he has and find him a home that will never give up on him and love him unconditionally.

What we know about this lil' puppy man:

  • He's a HIGH ENERGY PUPPY - duh!
  • George is still young so he is very mouthy and needs lots of enrichment and toys to chew!
  • Puppy's CHEW ALOT: they chew furniture, hands, toes, clothing, hair, shoes, everything they can get their mouths on BECAUSE THEy'RE PUPPIES and that's just what puppies do! 
  • He is doing a great job with potty on pee pads! We have no doubt he will be easy to house train. 
  • He is super smart!
  • He is a very quiet puppy and doesn't howl or bark much (like our previous puppies) lol!


- Camp Cocker Rescue Team