Jules' Journey!

July 12th 2017

West Valley Animal Shelter -- Emergency Rescue ---- Los Angeles, CA

Adopted September 19th 2017



Picked up as an injured stray, Jules was brought into the shelter by animal control in Chatsworth, CA. on July 5th. She had a femoral fracture to her right knee and her leg was not load-bearing. 

After waiting 7 days at the shelter for rescue Jules' time was running out! Unfortunately, county shelters cannot take on the expense of major (and sometimes minor) injuries and animals like Jules have no other choice but to wait for an adopter who wants to take on the expense or a rescue who has the room. The shelters will not let an animal suffer long either. Luckily and by accident we stumbled upon her photo and story and we had no idea how to care for a Husky - but we like a good challenge! (And what a high-maintenence, loud and crazy challenge she is!) 

We know she is not a Cocker Spaniel, but she deserves to be cared for properly--And besides-- we have a LOT of experience with dogs involved in vehicular accidents. 

3 temporary pins on the right image

3 temporary pins on the right image

What we know about Jules the Husky Puppy so far:

  • She is incredibly sweet (she'll just melt your heart right out of your body) 
  • She is still a puppy and is chewy/mouthy with hands.
  • She has a very loud bark! (not great for apartments) 
  • She is around 25-28 pounds but could grow into 50+
  • She is in physical therapy to re-learn how to use her leg and knee without further injury. (Video below)
  • She will need very special adopters who have experience with this type of breed
  • She is an escape artist (we later learned she hopped a fence from her former owners due to holiday fireworks)


Surgery went great, but we still need your help! We rely 100% on small donations and volunteer time. If you can find it manageable, could you donate $5 to Jules surgery? Quote is around $5800 and a deposit is due today (7/12)  

******* Periscope Video 2 days after surgery!******Click Here

If all goes well, Jules will be on crate rest for 6 weeks and she will begin her physical therapy.  During this time we will review applications for her adoption however we won't be making any decisions about her adoption until after the 6 weeks is up and she is given a clean bill of health! Read our adoption process below.... and if you are interested in fostering for us (so we can rescue more dogs like Jules) please read more info about our fostering guidelines!

Please apply only if you have HUSKY experience:

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-Camp Cocker Rescue Team