Molly's Journey

July 7th 2017 - November 7th 2017

Rescued from Carson Animal Shelter --- Los Angeles County, CA

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Shelter photo - Carson Animal Shelter

Shelter photo - Carson Animal Shelter

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Molly sat at the Carson Shelter in Los Angeles County. She was dropped off by her family for whatever reason.  For many, 8 years is considered "undesirable".

We took one look at her and said she is GORGEOUS!

One spay surgery later and she was ours to take home!  She is the sweetest, MOST darling little gem and she has hit the jackpot! Welcome to The Camp Baby! 

What we know about Molly so far:

  • She's very affectionate <3
  • If you're looking to adopt the perfect dog -- she is IT!
  • Wouldn't be suitable for apartments.
  • She will give you her paw!!  :)
  • She rolls over for belly rubs!
  • She is healthy and up -to-date.
  • She's drop dead gorgeous!
  • She would be absolutely perfect to take to work! 
  • She received her dental!  Please help us with the cost of her vetting by donating $5 ?

We rely 100% on all of our support in the form of small donations. We run on $5 donations and volunteers! Please consider donating just $5 so we can get on top of our mounting medical bills!

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