Nora's Journey

February 8th 2017 -- Present

Tulare Animal Shelter---- Tulare, CA

Nora came to us from Tulare Animal Shelter in Central California. She had been sitting at their shelter for weeks. She had a cherry eye popping out on her left eye: this deters a lot of potential adopters because it looks so dreadful. Cherry eye surgery is actually a very easy surgery and recovery is very quick.

What we know about Nora so far:

  • Nora is young - around 2 years
  • Bulldog / cocker spaniel mix
  • Very Playful and good with kids.
  • Very energetic and strong!
  • Cherry- Eye surgery and Spay surgery completed.

Click here to Watch Nora go shopping for a new harness and treats!


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Please stay tuned for more information ( and better photos) soon!

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