Pretty Penny's Story

June 16th 2017 - August 31st 2017

Dog Meat Farm / Puppy Mill -- South Korea


Penny is lucky doggy #10 to come to Camp Cocker straight out of South Korea! The AMAZING team of dedicated people of work tirelessly to educate the older generation who believe dog (and cat) meat is a delicacy and to shut down the puppy mills and slaughter houses in South Korea and send the rescued, vaccinated, and spayed survivors to organizations like ours for re-homing into loving homes!!

Welcome to America!

What we know about Penny so far:

  • Super Happy Wigglebutt!
  • Gorgeous soft fur coat for days!
  • GREAT in the car
  • House- Trained
  • Learned household rules in ONE day!
  • Greets you when you come home, and does not have any separation anxiety! yay!
  • Pretty quiet, doesn't bark much
  • Walks nicely on a lead harness
  • Sleeps through the night 
  • Medium Energy
  • Likes other *moderate energy* dogs and kids
  • She even has a heart shaped bum! (pictured below)

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We always need foster homes to house our dogs because we do not have a facility. Our dogs stay in boarding until we can find a foster home or a forever home. If you are interested in being an essential part of our rescue, please click below for more information:

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