Pixie's Story

July 16th 2017

Lancaster Animal Shelter --- Emergency Rescue --- Lancaster, CA

Adopted December 2017

This little lady swallowed something that lodged in her intestines and caused her to vomit for 7 days. Lancaster Shelter volunteers took her to an outside vet to get help. She needed emergency surgery to remove object: Price Quote: $7,000. Shelter staff put out a plea for help and we were contacted. We rushed as fast as we could to get her into surgery at 2am at the West LA VCA prepared with a down payment. Surgeons removed some sort of textile with a sharp jagged edge that did some damage to the inner lining of her intestines that also had to be removed and sutured together. 

She is already up on all fours, feeling better! This spaniel mix would make a lovely companion as she is sweet, but she might need extra special supervision so she doesn't ingest another jagged-edged object ever again!

PLEASE help us with the cost of this surgery by donating below! Surgery went fantastic but we still need to pay down our medical debt so we can rescue more dogs. Please consider donating a small amount of $5 to help us get onto of our medical bills of the last 2 major medical doggies!

All adoption inquiries please read our adoption process before submitting your application for Pixie:

What we know about Pixie so far:

  • Great in the car!
  • Absolutely LOVES everyone she meets! (and vice-versa)
  • Would be a great companion to take to work!
  • Pretty quiet.
  • Super snuggly.
  • Will get up on her hind legs and do a little dance for food!
  • Total Foodie
  • 12 lbs - super tiny. 
  • House-trained (so far so good) 
  • Loves to be in your lap!
  • She can be very dominate with other dogs in the home, but responsive when corrected. 
Shelter Photo 

Shelter Photo 

Instagram @Campcockerrescue

Instagram @Campcockerrescue

Animal Hospital waiting room. : Pixie is wrapped in a blanket (Still from Periscope)

Animal Hospital waiting room. : Pixie is wrapped in a blanket (Still from Periscope)

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