October 3rd 2017

Owner Relinquish

Adopted November 24th 2017

Savannah was relinquished to Camp Cocker on October 3rd of 2017. She is an 11-month old with double cherry eye. Former owner's had young children and a newborn and didn't have time for training or exercise. We gladly took Savannah in as we have A LOT of experience with cherry eye surgeries. She reminds us of our Alumni Lulu who was another owner relinquish of 2016, and who also had cherry eye! They are probably related as there are quite a few illegal breeders out in the deserts of California.


What we know about Savannah so far:

  • 11 months old -- just a baby! and good with kids!
  • double cherry eye surgery completed!-- please consider donating towards her vet bills by clicking below!
  • A total puppy monkey!!-- HIGH ENERGY!
  • Needs lots of attention, and extra socializing.
  • Good with other dogs!
  • Needs lots of training & exercising.

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-Camp Cocker Rescue Team