Walker's Story

March 4th 2017 -- May 14th 2017

South LA Shelter-- Los Angeles, CA

Walker and his brother Luke came to South LA as strays over the weekend. We visited this shelter because our beloved Beau suddenly passed away, and we wanted to rescue another dog (or four) in his honor. 

Watch his rescue video!

Meet Walker!  What we know so far:

  • Gordon Setter Mix with Spaniel?
  • Approx 2 years of age
  • LOADS of energy - pulls on leash ( more like he is walking you)
  • Very loving! He too thinks he is a lap dog but he is much too big! :)))
  • NEEDS TRAINING and daily cardio to keep him happy! 
  • First Impression: high energy - super sweet - unsure about the world and may not have had a lot of attention growing up.
  • Neuter surgery completed - help us cover the cost by donating below!

Walker will need an adopter who is as full of energy as he is! An active family with a lot of love and time to give to this adorable pup!

If you can help us care for these dogs while we find them proper homes, please donate a small amount of $5 to help us cover the cost of boarding, neuter surgery, and food


May 14th 2017 -- ADOPTED!!!  

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