September 13th 2017 ----- adopted March 2018

Rescued from North Central Animal Shelter--- Los Angeles, CA

adopted March 2018


 Sad quiet little Bernie had been at the North Central Los Angeles animal shelter twice since August 20th. (he was adopted by someone from the general public and then returned)

We heard that he was having a stiff time walking and we wondered if something was going on. So we rescued him and our vet, Dr. Birr at Community Veterinary Center - North Hollywood did x-rays to learn what is wrong with little Bernie.

Both of Bernie's femur heads are not resting in the hip sockets properly. You can see on the x-ray that the one side the femur head is not even close to being in the hip socket, ouchie! This could have been a genetic issue or it could have been due to an old injury (there is no way of knowing at this point).

Bernie will be needing two FHO (Femoral Head Osteotomy) surgeries, beginning on his left side since that is the more painful side.

The two surgeries need to be staged apart so that he has a chance to heal on one side before the second side is operated on. The surgery involves removing the head of the femur (the "ball" part) and then with rest and restricted exercise, his tendons will grow in to form a new "socket" so that he no longer has bone rubbing against bone.

Please consider donating to this sweetheart of a little guy. He's not had the chance for thorough vetting before in his life and he has no idea that his life is about to change through the magic of the Camp Cocker village of supporters!

It takes a village to rescue just one dog, please considering donating and becoming a part of Bernie's village here!


What we know about Bernie so far:

  • He bonds quickly and likes to be near you.
  • He is very quiet and great in the car.
  • Pretty mellow, but loves his walks!
  • Sweet soulful eyes
  • about 5-7 years old
  • We fell instantly for Bernie!
  • Recieved two FHO surgeries and can now sit, walk and stand without pain!
  • No kids - no kitties either :(
  • Good with other dogs
  • No first time dog owners.

We rely 100% on donated volunteer time, and small donations of just $5 from animal lovers everywhere! If you feel inclined to help Bernie start the next clean chapter of his life, please donate just $5 here:


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-Camp Cocker Rescue Team