Daisy Doodle's Story

May 27th 2017 ---- ADOPTED August 9th 2018

Rescued from North Central Animal Shelter --- Los Angeles, CA

Daisy Doodle after grooming Oct 2017.JPG

What we know about Daisy so far:

  • She is the cutest thing in the world!
  • Incredibly sweet, trusting, and fearless- approx 9 years old?
  • Blind: cataract & treated glaucoma (will need to see an eye doctor 2x a year for checkups)
  • Obviously had numerous litters in her life. :(
  • Possibly Cavalier mix - beautiful golden red color.
  • HOUSE-TRAINED! She is so amazing!
  • And she can use the doggy door! 
  • Received dental exam in May 2018
  • Loves kids and people
  • May need to be the only dog in the home - as she can be defensive around other dogs.
Lucy Davis with Daisy Doodle!

Lucy Davis with Daisy Doodle!

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