June 22 2018  -- 

Rescued from North Central Animal Shelter  - Los Angeles, CA

Adopted July 25th 2018


We were sent an email from North Central about a stray terrier - 11lbs neutered male that was brought in as a stray: Lethargic. Wont eat. Possible anemia. No other information other than - will be euthanized today at 5pm if no interest. Of course we read the email at 1pm and couldn't get through to their phone lines until 3 pm: at that point the terrier had started eating, so he was still in danger but the Shelter decided to wait and see how much he recovers. This allowed us time to organize - schedule vet appointments with the specialists at the VCA West LA Animal Hospital before we even had him in our car. The vets then ordered tests and lab work done but it was serious. 


Drew needed a blood transfusion. 

The blood transfusion was done slowly over a five hour period overnight. He is currently stable and his case has been handed over to the internal medicine specialist at the hospital. The vet does not suspect the severe anemia was simply from a flea infestation. If he was a puppy, that is possible, but he is a young adult (maybe two to three years of age?). Drew is going to get a total internal medicine work up, chest x-rays, abdomen ultrasound, more blood work and further testing in an attempt to figure out a diagnosis.


Labwork and additional tests have determined that Drew's acute anemia was the result of flea infestation. Now that he has made a full recovery he has blossomed into a little man with a big personality. We are absolutely relieved that Drew now has a healthy CBC blood count, weight, appetite, etc! He is ready to find his forever people! Please apply for Drew! 


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