October 17th, 2017 

Rescued from West Valley Animal Shelter - Los Angeles, CA

ADOPTED June 4th 2018

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 The neurologist suggested that Fred has been dealing with this condition for some time now as he has some mild atrophy in his rear legs (and the wear on his toenails ) and he seems to be adept at shifting his weight to the front of his body to get around.  She suggested physical therapy to help him regain muscle and strength in the rear legs. We have brought Fred to our favorite animal physical therapists at Two Hands Four Paws to help rehabilitate him. 


What we know about Fred's personality:

  • He acts very young, very energetic.
  • Fred could be 1 or 2 years old.
  • He has come so far in his recovery!
  • He is great in he car.
  • He loves to meet and say hi to everyone.
  • He loves peanut butter!
  • Fred is not a huge fan of larger dogs.
  • But is OK with cats!
  • Should wear a belly band initially until he gets used to his new home!
  • Needs to be on a potty schedule - has some house training challenges.

New Video below! January 11th 2018


A Good Samaritan found Fred in a parking lot sitting next to her car. He didn't look so great, so she gave him a bath and took him to the shelter hoping his owners would find him there, but no one came for him. A few days later he became medical alert due to some weakness in his rear legs, and Camp Cocker Rescue pulled him the next day.

His x-rays revealed that there is disc compression between his lumbar discs 6 and 7 that could have been trauma related. The MRI has shown there is a neurological deficiency from his spinal damage to the communication to his rear legs but that this type of injury does not appear to be something that will get worse.

Video will take you to our Facebook Live page.

Video will take you to our Facebook Live page.

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