January 22nd ---- Adopted February 8th 2018

Injured in Dog Attack-----East Valley Animal Shelter


Triscuit was turned in to the East Valley/Los Angeles animal shelter on Jan. 19th. He had been brutally attacked by another dog and had open lacerations and punctures all over his neck. 

Camp Cocker Rescue did not hear about his predicament until Sunday evening (Jan. 21st), and then on Monday, we rushed to the shelter to meet him. Even though he is not a cocker spaniel, we didn't have the heart to say no to him. 

He was taken to the emergency hospital in West Los Angeles where he had his first surgery late that night. A board certified surgeon had to over see the surgery because there was much more necrotic damage to his body than we first realized (necrotic skin is dead skin that was rotting). 

Triscuit needed four drains to help keep his surgical wounds cleaned after removing all of his dead skin, and he was under 24/7 nursing care to make sure he was healing correctly and not in any danger of infection. The surgeon found a blood clot in his jugular area that is now forming some scar tissue and is trying to heal itself.

The animal doctor was also worried about Triscuit's CK values (creatine kinase) that were so elevated they did not even registering on the bloodwork results. CK are enzymes the body produces as a result of muscle damage. Elevated CK levels can lead to the kidney shutting down (renal failure). Luckily, the IV fluids, strong pain injections, and anti-biotics helped keep Triscuit fully hydrated and able to get his CK values back down to normal ranges. 

However, the one thing the vet said that shocked us to the core was the fact that some of the injuries seemed to be older than a few days old. It hadn't occurred to us that Triscuit might have been used a bait dog, but now we are wondering. 

It's something that's too painful to think about, especially considered how complimentary the staff has been about Triscuit. Everyone at the hospital is saying what a nice nice NICE doggie he is! 

Can you imagine that? This little dog is struggling with massive wounds all over his body, is probably in so much pain, but he is sweet and trusting of all of the vets and vet techs that have been handling him and caring for him.


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- Camp Cocker Rescue Team

Thank you so much for your support of Camp Cocker Rescue and considering being a part of the big village that Triscuit needs right now for all of his hospitalization!

Adoption Photo!

Do you think he's comfortable? :-D