Kennel Cough

Many dogs that we rescue out of shelters have kennel cough (or have been exposed to kennel cough and it shows up within the next week after they leave the shelter). Our vet will prescribe an antibiotic and that will work in about a week or two (sometimes it takes longer with severe deep coughing). We discovered that by supporting the dog with additional holistic and homeopathic remedies, we can move the kennel cough out of the body much faster than antibiotics can do alone.

We never used to believe in the power of holistic/homeopathic care until we tried it both ways. Now we are convinced that any opportunity to support a sick animal's body with additional immune support is highly beneficial. Keep in mind that most Western medicine veterinarians do not have training in Holistic/Homeopathic care and many are not likely to support you in this. If you have doubts, please research it for yourself online.

There is a book written by Cheryl Schwartz, D.V.M., that we refer to often for sick animals. It is called Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats A-Z. We highly recommend that every pet owner get a copy of this book. Even if you think your regular vet has it covered with Western medicine, the kind of support you can give you animal from this book is priceless and in many cases can bring an animal back to health much faster.

Holistic Veterinary Care