July 26th 2018 -- Adopted November 2018

Rescued from South LA Shelter


Camp Cocker Rescue heard about a senior blind cocker spaniel girl that was in a shelter and she broke our hearts when we heard her story.

When she arrived at the South Los Angeles animal shelter in early July, she was so severely matted that the shelter had to sedate her for a full shave down. What they discovered underneath the painful matts was that she had toe nails that had grown so long they were embedded in the pads of her paws and there were maggots from the rotting flesh.

The shelter did a really good job of cleaning her up, trimming the nails, getting her wounds treated and put her on anti-biotics. Not every shelter vet staff is this diligent and we really appreciate that Muffin had such good care at this particular animal shelter.   


What we know about Muffin: 

  • Around 10 years old

  • Very sweet and quiet

  • Loves snuggling

  • Great with other dogs and kids!

  • knows her way around the house!

  • House Trained!!

  • Bring this baby to work!

Muffin needs "the works", senior blood work, urinalysis, thyroid test, heartworm test, fecal test, a dental that is likely going to involve a significant amount of extractions.   First thing on her "to do" list is the ophthalmologist.  

She has glaucoma pain in her left eye and needs a procedure that involves injecting the glaucoma eye to attempt to reduce the elevated pressure.  

No donation is too small to help this sweet girl.  

Thank you so much for being a part of Muffin's rescue village with your donation!

We rely 100% on donated volunteer time, and small donations of just $5 from animal lovers everywhere! If you feel inclined to help Jena start the next clean chapter of her life, please donate just $5 here: