May 1st 2019 --- Adopted july 2019

Rescued from the North Central, Los Angeles Shelter


Suzy was relinquished to the North Central, Los Angeles shelter after being hit by a car. We brought her to a board certified surgeon to assess her injury, and after taking multiple X-rays from different angles, it was decided that the joint was too fractured to save. Her arm was amputated, and now Suzy has joined the tripod club as a three-legged dog.


Suzy is a 2-3 year old “handi-capable” Tibetan Spaniel - a breed known for their sweet disposition and “worshipful” relationships with owners. Suzy has great eyesight, a calm demeanor, and loves, loves, loves to get belly rubs!!

Suzy is a dog and cat friendly, and an ideal apartment dog. She is housebroken, appears somewhat trained, and is highly intelligent and responsive to verbal and hand commands. She is sure-footed and would be an excellent candidate for agility, despite being short a leg.

Suzy has the best manners: she keeps off furniture, out of the cat box, and off of people’s beds. She can be left home for a few hours without worry.

This little “howler” monkey loves to howl adorably when she’s excited to see you or go for a walk. Suzy is an active, intelligent dog who takes several half-mile walks per day with her foster family. Suzy loves to roll in the grass and play with other little dogs in the neighborhood.

Suzy loves to go for car rides and travel. She is nervous around crowds but behaves perfectly despite her anxiety. Loves to eat the occasional snail and has a strong prey drive.

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