Milo's Story

June 2016-- Present

Milo was dropped off at Baldwin/Los Angeles California in June 2016 with his companion Lola from the same owner. It was 113 degrees out there that day with absolutely NO air conditioning in the kennels!. We had him undergo some extensive blood/lab work. He was also way too skinny, where Lola was at a fine weight. As of right now we have confirmed Milo to have IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease) that we can treat with a special diet and it also explains why he was so emaciated. IBD is a disease that causes the intestinal tract to be chronically inflamed.

Update -- October 25th

Milo and Friends had their photographs taken by Rita Earl Photography and they came out STUNNING!


IBD is completely treatable and managed EASILY. He will need a special diet pictured above.  Food with hydrolized salmon proteins works best with Milo's chronic issue, like Blue Buffalo in addition to medication. Milo gained weight quickly and has been stable ever since.

Despite of all that, Milo LOVES to run and play and has loads of energy! He is great with children and other dogs. His foster family is house-training him now so that he will have superb manners when he gets adopted!

Milo is a dominate male

If you can't open your home right now but you would love to help support the costs of Milo's special diet, please consider sponsoring Milo, any amount is greatly appreciated!

If you can't donate right now, please SHARE this page so we can find Milo the comfort he deserves from having such a tough start to life.

Update -- October 17th 2016

Milo has gained 3 pounds! Looks like we're doing something right. Milo had an appt for a check-up on his IBD (irritable bowel disease). We are super happy he is gaining weight back!

Update - february 26th -- new photos!

April 22, 2017- adoption event 

Minnie and Milo in Malibu! 

Minnie and Milo in Malibu! 


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