Sylvester's Story

September 16, 2016 -- Adopted February 6th 2017!

Sylvester was dumped in a field out in Coachella Valley with another dog Wendy. The amazing people at Animal Samartians notified us that two strays came into the shelter, most likely cast out by breeders in the area. Sylvester has major hair loss and scabby skin. His feet were irritated and swollen from being kept in a cage and not being let out to relieve himself.

Swollen feet

Swollen feet

He looks so sad right now, but he has come into some great fortune! We here at Camp Cocker Rescue are giving him quality loving care: our vet is providing excellent medical care, and we are providing allergy free food so he can slowly regain his strength and beautiful coat!

Sylvester is tri-colored cocker spaniel and has a beautiful caramel coloring accent on his face. He is going to be one beautiful pup!

Update-- October 2016

Sylvester has been groomed and receiving medicated baths and leave in mousse to help trap the moisture and keep his skin hydrated. His feet have not changed. They still appear to be swollen. Vet says it might be scar tissue and permanently damaged. We noticed he had been limping, but now appears to be stable. We will keep a close eye on him to see if the limping continues.

Update -- October 14th 2016

Sylvester is healing very nicely: The skin on his back looks much much better-- no more rough elephant-skin! His back paws are no longer red, irritated and swollen but nice little normal doggy feet!

Sylvester is great on walks. He has a lot of energy and would be great for an active family who can take him on walks everyday or on a hike.

Please consider donating a small amount towards Sylvester's vet care. We were not expecting to rescue 3 dogs in the same week who each have their own medical issues to overcome: some big, some small. We appreciate every and anything you can donate today--all of which benefits the dogs at Camp Cocker Rescue!

Update -- October 25th

Sylvester and Friends were photographed by Rita Earl Photography this past week and the prints have arrived!

How is this the same dog?! 


Update -- December 1st 2016

Sylvester is making a lot of friends while he is in boarding. We need a foster home for Syl, but until we find a good one, we are sure he will put his high energy to good use!

He is still receiving 2 medicated baths a week, as pictured below:

New Photos! 1/16/2017

Sylvester and Autumn at boarding!

Sylvester and Autumn at boarding!

Photographs by Rita Earl

Photographs by Rita Earl

What we know about Sylvester so far:

  • He likes car rides- he is the Co-Pilot!
  • Approx 5-6 years old
  • He needs medicated baths 2x a week to remove the old clogged hair follicles and to encourage new hair growth.
  • Ongoing medical care for a lifetime of chronic ear inflammation.
  • He is a friendly dog and wants to sit by your side.
  • But also needs to be exercised as he has moderate to high energy.
  • Because of his energy level, he could be younger than we estimated.
  • He needs dedicated adopters who will stay on top of his current medical and future skin/ear needs.

Update: January 10th PHOTOS!

FOSTER HOME! -- 1/20/2017

We found a great family to foster Sylvester while we search for his forever home! Now he can learn what luxuries life has to offer like the warm comfort of a human bed! Ha!


Update -- Sylvester is officially Adopted!

His foster home just could not think of continuing on without Sylvester around so they have made an amazing decision to adopt him! We could not be happier! Sylvester is enjoying his new family and they are so attentive to his needs and continuing his care and treatments!

Thank you everyone who donated towards Sylvesters many ailments. We were able to bring him back to greatness and find him a loving home.!


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